MSD Manual Staplers
Features & Benefits


1)      Compact design featuring a shorter trigger-handle distance (≈ 1cm shorter at the proximal end of the handle and ≈ 1.5cm shorter at the distal end).

2a)    Integrated anvil with cold extrusion technology.

2b)    Tissue bunching cordon marker (yellow line) and blade seating alignment marker (red line).

3)      Patented jaw design with a triple slide rail-and-block combination rather than the double rail-and-block design of the Endo GIA™.

4)      Stepless jaw-articulating lever.

        5)      No less than 45° articulation on each side of the articulation joint.

 6)     Detachable arched tip (optional).


1)      Small hand friendly, making it easier for them to fire the device.

2a)    Offers 30-40% higher strength vs. the Endo GIA when compressing tissue before firing (pre-compression).

2b)    Ensures operation compliance to eliminate maloperations.

3)      Consistent compression from the proximal end to the distal end of the jaw while firing (dual compression).

4)      The articulating jaw can adopt any angle in the -45° to 45° articulation range.

                  Or 45° articulation range on both sides.

5)      Facilitates jaw placement in narrow spaces like the lower rectum.

 6)     Makes tissue incisions and pene trationpenetration easier.

MSD Manual Staplers are compatible with Fulbright's existing reload portfolio. 

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Nomenclature & Specification

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